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STOP! Hammer Time

Somewhere in the middle of September, while having a little chat with one of my friends I brought up the subject of wanting a pair of Hammer Pants. Of course, as I expected I received a glance that had “WHAT???” written all over my friends face. But I wasn’t kidding, and not to my surprise, in recent shows and editorials I have seen designers 2008/2009 renditions of the exact thing I had mentioned to my friend in casual convo 2 months prior.

The great M.C. and his ‘Hammer Pants’ were all that in the 90′s and are showing their come back power today in 2008. I would pair them with a fitted blazer and a pair of matching open toe leather heels for a winning look, for sure. Go for deep colors like black, brown & gray but if you do happen to come across a bight pink or red pair I say got for it. Make sure everything else is all the same color, i.e. red hammer pants with black shoes, black top or blazer mixed with gold jewelry. Be careful not to piece too many colors together or you’ll look like Aladdin or worse, Vanilla Ice rather than the great M.C. and that’s not funky- at all!

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