Coup d’etat: Live to Change Something

Brooklyn has done it again, or rather products of Brooklyn have done it again. Coup D’etat Brooklyn is a relatively new fashion line that has “pop-culture and social political” messages silk-screened all over it. Co-founded in 2004 by Daoud Abeid and Rasu-Jilani, with Suhail Smith as designer this line consisting of Jackets, Crew Neck Sweaters, T-shirts and Hoodies is making quite a name for itself and fast. In

a recent trip to N.Y.C. Imet Suhail while visiting a friend. Very poised and focused he sat, computer on his lap and for lack of a fancy word he was simply… designing. I later found out he is a self taught designer with enough talent to battle some of the greats. After researching the line a little bit more I’ve found one of the lines major focus, as there are several, is to reach the consciously aware fashion consumer. I myself like to make statements, get political, vote and be heard but I also like to stay fly when I’m on the scene, so why can’t I do both at the same time? Coup D’etat has made me a believer and shown that it is possible.

“Love me or Leave Me Alone”, “Stop Getting Arrested” & “Teach The Babies” are just a few of the bold statements worn by many throughout the streets of Brooklyn and Coup D’etat is slowly but surely making its way into other burroughs, onto Magazine covers, advertisements and my prediction will soon grace the streets of L.A., Chicago, Miami, Paris and London just to name a few. As a young stylista seeking awareness within the community, there’s nothing better than a garment with a message besides its aesthetic. Coup D’etat is the message… and the message is coming for you… so when it arrives, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Visit Coup d’etat Brooklyn on their website, or at

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