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An accessory you can’t wear… Your Calling Card

Calling Cards may seem like a thing of the past… but this blast is definitely back in full force! In a recent conversation with my grandma who was born in the 40′s, she opened my eyes to how pertinent it was to someone’s image and business savvy presence when they carried with them their own calling cards. Now when she said calling cards I immediately thought of the cards you buy through Sprint, At&t, Verizon, and international calling cards you buy when you travel overseas, I had no clue she was referring to something similar to a business card. A few days after our convo, I met another fashionably aware young lady who, to my SHOCK pulled out a calling card and gave it to me. I started to laugh in my head at what my grandma had told me a few days before. I then immediately went home and ordered my own set of calling cards.

When designing your calling card, a few rules I would suggest would be to keep them short and sweet, keep them one-sided (graphics only on the back if it is two-sided), note what it is that you do… what’s your concentration? Writing only your name on the front is a little bit too vague. And lastly keep the aesthetic neat and classy. Don’t feel the need to tell your life story and don’t incorporate all your favorite designs all on one small card. Think of your card as an extension of yourself when you can’t physically be present… now think…do you want someone to associate you with a bunch of clutter? I know I wouldn’t.

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