Mother always said, “Don’t forget your hat, gloves & scarf”

-and with the temperatures reaching below 0 in some parts of the U.S., listening to Mother isn’t such a bad idea. Of course, thinking back on the 3 part combo you used to wear to school, you usually wouldn’t want to wear those bright colors and funny characters now that you’re a mature adult who has an image to uphold. Don’t fret, there are a lot of ways to stay warm with this trio while keeping the outfit looking quite spiffy.

Depending on your likes you don’t have to wear your typical in the snow kind of hat. It can be a beanie, beret, baseball cap or even a knitted cap with a bill, as long as it fits your head correctly, it counts. Gloves can really switch up an outfit as well. With the right pair of gloves you can make an outfit into super chic or super casual. Go for the cotton, heavy material gloves for the casual on-the-go look, but for a more upscale motif grab a pair of leather or even a pair of faux leather gloves (just make sure they don’t LOOK faux leather). Hold them up to a pair of real leather gloves and see how much they differ. If your first reaction is “whoa” then I’d advise you put the gloves back down and keep looking. Staying warm doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy, it just means that you’re comfortable. The key is knowing that while you’re feeling good on the inside, you’re looking good on the outside too.

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