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New to MyInstantFashion… ‘ASK GRANDMA’

In this New Year we feel it is only right that a few things be changed around and made for the better. Contrary to the changes and additions we are making to MyInstantFashion we are “suffering” from a mild case of nostalgia. Nostalgia for a time our grandparents knew when women dressed up and men weren’t caught wearing anything less than an overcoat and gloves on a cold winter day. Fashion, in its recent years, has been taken to a place of unawareness and lackadaisical routine. Where the notion of dressing up is now a far-fetched phrase used only on days of special occasions rather than done on the thestyledit.comdaily as a craft and mandatory duty it was once known to be. Fashion is a way of life even if you are not aware of its power and anyone who seeks to be stylish and/or fashionable must know where he or she came from in order to know where he or she is going. I understand that may seem too “deep” for the topic at hand but fashion is no exception to this rule.

The ‘Ask Grandma’ section is a place for the older generation to share their knowledge of how things… USED TO BE… and a place for the wise to give advice to the many of us who do not have someone we can call on at a moments notice but still seek traditional guidance in personal wardrobe endeavors. Questions like, “can I wear black to a wedding?”  “Is it inappropriate to not wear stockings to church?”  And “if I’m going to a black-tie event, is it okay to wear pants?” These types of inquiries run through the minds of young fashionistas/fashionistos everywhere and sometimes we have no clue where to turn when seeking true-seasoned fashion guidance. With the new ‘Ask Grandma’ section, you now know there is a place where you can go to get all of your fashion questions answered… because really….wisdom is one question away, and all you have to do is just… ‘Ask Grandma.’

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