I said: It’s a Hat day!

Glory Hallelujah! Pop quiz:
Who said “I think it’s a say-something hat day.”?

a.    Patrick Swayze
b.    Aretha Franklin
c.    Jackie Kennedy
d.    Ru Paul

Hats, hats, hats. They sit atop your head at whatever jaunty angle you prefer, and they make you look oh so fabulous. The answer by the way, is Patrick Swayze as Vita Boheme in Too Wong Fu, Thanks For Everything. However I’m pretty sure all the ladies on the list would agree and certainly Ms. Franklin herself when I say inauguration day was Aretha Franklin’s sing something hat day. Hell, there is even a “fans of Aretha Franklin’s inaugural hat” group on facebook. for serious. That starched, dove-gray wool chapeau, bejeweled and studded modern architectural marvel, with the oblique and oversized bow made me proud to be an American. Thank you Luke Song for designing the beaut and thank you voters of America for giving Ms Franklin a reason to bring her glory and fashion sense into full blossom on a rather frigid January day. It is still winter out there, and hats aren’t just a way to get noticed but also a little cap on your body heat. Yes yes, I have heard that it’s a wives tale that you lose more heat out of your head than anywhere else, but a bit more material on your heavenly body can’t hurt. Hats with feathers, hats with bows, bowlers, little hats worn to the side, Knit caps with small wide bills, hell even a fedora—maybe—but if you pull it way down over one eye—I will be forced to take your hat off your head and puke in it. That look is overdone, and fashion is supposed to be fresh and fun. You don’t have to throw it out, just find a different angle, because that one is no longer seductive and mysterious, just irritating. Whew, but that’s enough negativity when people are out there doing hats sooo right! Throw one on! No really I mean, throw one—they aren’t just good to wear they are great to use as a prop, Tip your hat at people, take it off and gesture with it, learn to toss it onto your foot then kick it back onto your head! Put feathers in your hat, glue fake diamonds on one, or a stuffed bird—maybe your late aunt’s fake fruit—have fun! You may be scrimping on buying clothes this season, but a new hat or a new-to-you hat could be just the thing to spruce up your wardrobe.  Or—buy a hat from a true artist—O’Lover Hats has hand made hats by Elwyn Crawford, they are gorgeous and will make you say—“I think it’s a say something hat day!” and everyone will clap and then you’ll have a facebook group for your hat—fate will suddenly be in your hands, and the rest my darlings, will be history.

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