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Push back fly-away strands with bedazzled jeweled headbands Headbands are all the rage, craze and razzmatazz phase. When worn the correct way, a bedazzled headband can be a very pretty and elegant addition to any outfit. However, you should be very careful when purchasing your band. When it gets to big and thick it can end up looking like a very hot-and-confused mess (see above photo). Keep it simple! Chanel has a new rhinestoned headband out running about $850 – which is actually a good price point for what it is -  but for those of us who are actually effected by this recession thing, there are many cheaper options to choose from. I haven’t been there recently but I can surely guess, the next time you visit Claire’s you’ll find a prospective band or two. The perfect jeweled headband is subjective to its muse, so much so, I believe, you can tell a lot about a girl by her jeweled headband.

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